Business Services

Business Services

Keramitsis & Co. offers Business Services to Melbourne businesses looking for peace of mind on their financial operations. Alongside our alliance partner Alliton Securities, we offer tailored strategies to meet the unique requirements of your business and your industry.

Our Business Services include preparing comprehensive business plans and reports designed to help you chart a path for future growth. These may involve presentation and marketing materials for use in presentations to investors and joint venture partners, applications for business loans, and capital raising activities. We also offer hands-on monthly reviews covering business performance and strategies for improving productivity and growing your business.

Financial Account Services in Melbourne Include:

  • Business and personal finance
  • Business plans and reports
  • Business succession
  • Monthly business performance reviews
  • Sourcing opportunities for boosting your business and growing it internationally
  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • General business support resources
  • Ensuring legislative compliance
  • Accounting systems and software
  • Transaction records
  • Payroll
  • BAS lodgement
  • Profit and loss statements

For further details on our capabilities in any of the above areas, please contact us.


Why Choose Us for Your Business Services in Melbourne?

The accountants at Keramitsis & Co. apply the strictest attention to detail in order to avoid errors and omissions across all of our business services. Melbourne businesses depend on us to combine efficiency with thoroughness, handling their financial affairs efficiently without sacrificing precision.Whether you’re a small start-up requiring payroll assistance or a larger company looking for international growth opportunities, we can help simplify and streamline your financial operations so you can focus on the bigger picture.For more information or to book an appointment to discuss business services at our Melbourne office, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via phone or email. We’re happy to discuss your individual needs to get a better understanding of what you require from us.
For further enquiries about our financial and asset protection services, or to book an appointment with our Melbourne office, contact:

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Here at Keramitsis & Co. we aim to deliver business strategies and solutions outside the square. We now service a diverse range of clients including micro, small, and medium-sized business owners from a range of industry sectors in the Collingwood areas.

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